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If you’re going to take part in the world’s most powerful motorsport, you need a darned powerful truck. Pulling can be brutal on a truck, and if you spend much time at pulls, you’ve seen plenty of axles, transmissions and drive trains bite the dust.


At Bumgarner Racing, we carry McLeod Racing parts. Their clutch systems are famous for their performance in high horsepower sand dragging applications, and are also recommended for non-shifting motorsport applications.


We’re also known for our own custom-built clutches and drive trains. Bumgarner’s custom clutches and drive trains are built just for your rig, designed help you get the best hook and stand out as a champion.


Need an engine rebuild? We do stock rebuilds as well as performance engines, and rebuild cylinder heads from surfacing to porting. We also do custom block machining. 


We rebuild standard transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. Bring your vehicle in for new brakes, ball joints, wheel bearings, u-joints, CV axles and fluid changes. However, we do not do wiring, automatic transmissions or electrical diagnostics.


If you're looking for the best racing engines, we're the shop to call. Spend some time with our photo gallery to see what we do...then give us a call.